These are the chronicles of the esoteric . . .

On this blog you will find my ponderings. My mind takes me to many places and it is here I shall gather some of them together with attempts to make my thoughts coherent. Such musings will touch on subjects of life, self-identity, culture and everything that surrounds matters such as these; sometimes my thoughts will stray into autobiographical regions, but they will all certainly be theological in nature. My hope is that in writing about these issues as I ruminate on and struggle with them, you, the reader, will open your mind to questions and ponderings of your own - and together we can wrestle with Adonai and the life He has placed us in. Ultimately, this is all in an attempt to be better Jesus-followers and thereby better people in general.

By way of a disclaimer, I will not claim to be intelligent, funny or clever. But I will be honest. And that's all I can offer.

I have copied and placed all my posts from my previous blog at Blogspot here to keep them all together. It is easier for me this way for many reasons. One of these reasons is I am long-winded, and here I feel it's okay for me to ramble on - especially if I warn you ahead of time for this - whereas in an 'official' blog page one feels embarrassed for writing on so long.

You will find the blog archives listed on the right-hand panel. Simply click on the year to get a drop-down menu of the month, and then go ahead and enjoy (or not enjoy - but then you shouldn't keep reading them). When a new blog is posted, I will have a link directly to it on the right-hand panel of other pages outside this particular section (and a note in the News and Updates on the home page).

Have fun.

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SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 2015

my dear one

I don't believe in fairy tales.

We live in a world where things don't end up right. We plan, we try, things change, and we fail. Days end up looking different at night than they did in the morning. Weekends are miles away from what you'd thought they'd be on Wednesday.

You can study computer science and get a BA in theology to find yourself working full time renovating people's homes. I had a boss at one of the grocery stores I worked at who was a certified mechanic but on a whim took a managing job - and found himself head of an entire store for 15 years.

According to Jewish tradition, at the birth of every baby boy a heavenly voice announces who that boy will marry. However, the concept of bashert - literally 'destiny'  ... 


wordy wisdom: inspirational lyrics, part 7

It's been 5 years since I did the last post in this series that lists the songs I've found the most touching, and provocative. And it's been a while now that I've had in mind to revive it. Music for me is a constant inspiration and jumping point for many thoughts. It's only fitting that I continue to share the poetry that I find profound and poignant.

On the verge of Passover1 I was relistening to my Thrice collection and this song came on. I had forgotten it, but the emotions running through the lyrics that arouse so many of my own feelings and thoughts came rushing back. This song so simply tells the story of Jesus' final Passover with His disciples, and moves into the visceral scene of Peter's betrayal. Like with the original biblical narrative  ... 


a st valentines reflection (or, how did we get it all wrong?)

In Nicaragua, February 14 is known as El Día de la Amistad, which translates to something like The Day of Camaraderie. I've always appreciated this since it feels inclusive - it is a day to celebrate a more general love (philos) of friends and family, not only lovers.

In our current culture of disposable marriage, Valentine's Day almost seems like an intentional farce - a sarcastic jab at those in romantic relationships that also serves as a guilt trip to husbands. But the day is equally a thorn in the side to single people, which as a result has given rise to the trend of Anti-Valentine's Day parties.

I have no qualms with that. If people want to commiserate or celebrate that they have no relationship obligations, that's great. Party on. And if Valentine's Day gets a husband to do  ... 

MONDAY, JUNE 23, 2013

suffering, part 1: reasons

There are so many universal human experiences it's a wonder we're not all more empathetic. We all feel joy, pleasure, love, and desire; and we all feel pain, loss, despair, and disdain. Such a wide range of emotions are an integral part of our human existence; the world is full of things that bring us to tears - positively or negatively - and things that lift our spirits or leave us in the pit.

But what seems more and more prevalent in our day and age is the experience of suffering - of disease, of war, of injustice, murder, poverty, injury, and death. We hear about hurricanes, tornadoes, bombings, shootings, beatings, famine, and more on our evening news alone - we're exposed to  ... 



Happy New Year!

It's a few days late, but as they say, better late than never.

For the past two years I've posted a January list of resolutions - complete with a brief overview of how I did on the previous year's resolve. I'd like to do something different this year. Instead of boring you with a copy-and-paste list of failures and renewal of ambitions, I'd like to give you a taste of some things I've been working on for the site. That is, other than the design update I've been touting for the past, oh, twelve months, I've been working on some writing in my freer time.

As many of you know, my family and I, along with my in-laws, purchased a house which my dad and I have been renovating since early summer. We finally all moved  ... 

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